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I was shopping in the supermarket when I heard a young voice.“Mom,come here!There's this lady here my size!”
The mother rushed to her son;then she turned to me to say sorry to me.
I smiled and told her,“It's OK.”Then I talked to the boy,“Hi,I'm Dory Kramer. How are you?”
He studied me from head to toe,and asked,“Are you a little mommy?”
“Yes,I have a son,” I answered.
“Why are you so little?”he asked.
“It's the way I was born,” I said.“Some people are little. Some are tall. I'm just not going to grow any bigger.”After I answered his other questions,I shook the boy's hand and left.
My life as a little person is filled with stories like that. I enjoy talking to children and explaining why I look different from their parents.
It takes only one glance( 一瞥) to see I’m different. I stand three feet nine inches tall(="1.14" metres).I was born a dwarf.In spite of this,I did all the things other kids did when I was growing up.
I didn't realize how short I was until I started school. Some kids called me names (辱骂).Then I knew. I began to hate the first day of school each year.
But I learned to smile and face the fact that I was going to be noticed my whole life. What I lacked in height,I made up for in personality. When people are rude,I remind myself,“Look what else I have-a great family,nice friends.”
【小题1】Why did the mother say sorry to Dory Kramer?

A.Because the boy ran into the author.
B.Because the boy hit the author.
C.Because the boy said the author was fatter than him.
D.Because the mother thought the boy's words had hurt the author.
【小题2】What does a dwarf look like?
A.Of medium height.B.Very tall.
C.Very short.D.Very thin.
【小题3】When did the author realize that she was too short?
A.When she grew up.
B.When she was 47 years old.
C.When she began to go to school.
D.When she met the boy in the supermarket.
【小题4】What does the sentence “What I lacked in height,I made up for in personality”mean?
A.Although I am not tall, I often dress up to make myself different.
B.Although I am not tall, I can make myself tall by dressing up.
C.Although I am not tall, I try to keep it as my personal secrets.
D.Although I am not tall, I can make myself good with good personal qualities.

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